Bulgaria Air launches promotional campaign with exclusive prices and flexible conditions on its direct international flights

Bulgaria Air launches promotional campaign with exclusive prices and flexible conditions on its direct international flights

The national carrier Bulgaria Air offers another pleasant surprise for its passengers. From the 15th to the 31st of October, one-way tickets to all direct international destinations of the airline are at promotionally low prices and with convenient flexible conditions for free revalidation of a date, change of destination or ticket name.

The lowest prices are for trips between  Sofia and Athens - 59 euros one  way, and  69 euros are those for Vienna . To  Berlin  passengers of national carrier can travel at  79 euros to  Frankfurt for 89 euros and to  Zurich - only 109 euros .

With the flexible conditions provided by Bulgaria Air , tickets can be changed if necessary. It is proposed to change the date free of charge for the service and change the destination, and it is possible to have a surcharge only if there is a difference in the fare of the newly selected flight. Tickets can even be made available for use by others thanks to the included bonus - free name change.

All tickets purchased within the low-cost campaign of Bulgaria Air can be used for travel until March 31, 2021. More information about the conditions of the campaign can be found on the company's website at  www.air.bg .

In order to ensure greater security and personal peace of mind for its passengers, the national carrier also offers a choice of a number of additional services, including the choice of a seat with more space (3rd row and emergency exit) - for 20 euros, and on one that is closer to the exit (4th row) - only for 10 euros.

Customers also have the opportunity to state that they want the adjacent seat to remain vacant, as it is only necessary to pay its net value - without airport and other fees. The Upgade business class service, available from 24 hours to 40 minutes before the scheduled departure of the flight, can be used if there are free seats for 100 euros for international or 50 euros for domestic flights.

All flights of the national carrier are performed in accordance with the highest hygiene measures. Bulgaria Air aircraft are already being disinfected with the most innovative ultramodern machine with ultraviolet light - UV Cabin System II, which destroys all viruses and bacteria from smooth surfaces and protects them throughout the flight. The air quality on board is taken care of by special HEPA filters, which are used in medical premises and eliminate up to 99.998% of all bacteria and viruses.

At the same time, in the interests of the health of the passengers, the wearing of a protective mask throughout the flight is mandatory for everyone on board, and hot water, soap and disinfectants are provided in the airplanes' sanitary facilities.

The national carrier constantly monitors the situation in all markets to which it operates and publishes up-to-date information on the necessary documents for their visit. At the same time, the company continues to fulfill its mission to fly, flying on all its scheduled routes where no local restrictions are imposed, and offering transportation to anyone in need.

Credit: https://bgtourism.bg/16102020-bulgaria-air-promo/


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