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Tryavna was a high developed town during the period of the Bulgarian revival. But even earlier it was a place around which some of the most important battles in the Bulgarian Medieval history were held. By choosing this trip you will have the chance to learn something more about these events. Also you will visit the Museum of wood carving and iconography, where samples of the famous craftsmen and artists from Tryavna could be seen. Some houses with typical architecture from the Bulgarian revival period are still preserved there. Another monuments from the past are the churches “St. Archangel Michael” and “St. George”. The only full-preserved Revival square with a clock tower is placed in Tryavna. There is also an art-gallery, where pictures of Dimitur Nikolov could be seen. He is the first Bulgarian artist, whose pieces of art were exposed in the Louvre. Another interesting museum is the Museum of Asian and African art. If you are interested in art or would like to get a picture of the Bulgarian past, this trip will not disappoint you. 

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