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Travel to Slovenia with Rad-Festa 

Slovenia is a charming Central European country that has a lot to offer in terms of architecture, culture and most importantly, stunning nature. Sloveniens are friendly people with an epic history that they will be happy to tell you all about. Our guides are ready to take you on an exciting journey across breath-taking natural sites and fascinating cities that will show you a hidden cultural and historic treasure right in the heart of the Old Continent.


Join us for a marvellous rise to experience:


Private holiday to Slovenia 

Our private guided holidays to Slovenia will exceed your expectation when it comes to sites, accommodation and transportation. We believe that the best vacation is that one that makes you feel good about the way you spend your time abroad. This means that we take special care of booking the right hotels and scheduling the most interesting activities for you.

You will be travelling with a small group of friends or family and staying together during the whole trip. We will have a private driver who will take you from one city to the other but also to all of the sites we have planned for you to visit. And speaking of planning, we will do all of the planning together. Our team will take into consideration all of your preferences in terms of hotels and you can choose the itinerary that appeals to your interests best.


Slovenia vacation packages 

Our holiday packages give you all of the advantages of an organised trip but combine them with the freedom and flexibility of private tours. In other words, you will be enjoying the perks of travelling at your own pace and being independent of large groups but you will get to experience the signature places and activities that are really worth your time.


The pricing depends on the size of your group and the people you will share an accommodation with but also on the hotel ranks. Whether you fancy luxurious accommodation or prefer staying in simpler hotels, we will always get you the best deals and make sure you are going to the most convenient and enjoyable places that provide easy access to the sites and venues you are about to visit. Going on holiday takes a lot of preparation which can be a bit daunting but we offer to help by dealing with the organisation, booking your hotels and providing safe and convenient transportation, so you can skip the hassle and enjoy the trip.


Find below our most popular package holidays in Slovenia and take a closer look at our offers. Don’t hesitate to use the contact form and let us know what you think about our suggestions or if there is anything that looks interesting to you. We’d be happy to chat and find out what you’d like to do on your holiday. Browse the listings and learn more about the activities we have prepared for your and your fellow-travellers.



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