Bosnia & Herzegovina Tours

Travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina with Rad-Festa 

Rad-Festa’s holidays to Bosnia and Herzegovina offer amazing insights into the country’s culture, history and modern way of living. This Southeastern European country combines a Mediterranean climate with a distinctive Balkan spirit, amazing cuisine and exciting history. A several-day visit takes you on an epic trip throughout centuries, starting in the Roman era and surviving the Middle Ages, the Ottoman era, an occupation by Austria-Hungary, a transformation to a Kingdom, WWII, a Communist era and, finally, modern-day Bosnia and Herzegovina that bravely incorporates its astonishing past into each bit of its contemporary life.

We are well acquainted with this amazing place and we’d be more than excited to share the experience with you. Let us show you:


Private holidays to Bosnia and Herzegovina 

We organise guided private holidays in Bosnia and Herzegovina that aim to show you exactly what you are interested in seeing. We will take into accounts your personal preferences and make sure to organise the most convenient trip for your and your fellow-travellers. Private trips mean that you will be travelling with a small group of friends or family; you will be going at your own pace and you will only be seeing what you actually fancy seeing.


We value your time, so we will do our best to create an unforgettable experience that covers everything you have been dreaming to see or do. This is a country of vibrant history and modern culture, so there is a lot for you to choose from. Our services allow you to experience the place as a local and try every interesting activity that will show you the real spirit of the country. We work with the best guides that know that places in and out, so you will really get the worth of your time.


Package trips to Bosnia and Herzegovina 

Our package holidays are a great opportunity to get the best deals out there. You decide on the hotel rate and the number of people you’d be sharing accommodation with, which the price depends on. Regardless of the rate, we only work with comfortable and safe hotels that you will contribute to an enjoyable stay.

In terms of transportation, you will have your personal driver to take you to all of the fascinating places we will plan out for you to visit. We take full care of the organisation of your holiday; the only thing that is left for you to do is to sit back and enjoy an amazing series of cultural, historical and architectural sites in this rare Balkan gem.


Let us show you our listings, so you can find the holiday that meets all of your requirements in terms of places, activities, period and budget. Check out Rad-Festa’s suggestions and start packing for an amazing vacation with your closest adventurers.



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