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Romania holiday with Rad-Festa 

Rad-Festa’s amazing holidays to Romania allow you to dive right into the culture and history of the place. We organise private package holidays that you can take together with a small group of friends or family to enjoy an interesting and comfortable journey you have been dreaming about.


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Private trips to Romania 

We do private holidays in Romania that cater to your needs and meet all of your requirements. If you have specific interests in a particular area, for example city architecture, history, religion or even wine-making and wine-tasting, you can choose an itinerary that will take you to see all of the important places in the country that you feel excited about. We also welcome people who are simply interested in visiting new places, so they want to take in as much as possible of the culture and the atmosphere of the country. We are ready to show you how locals live, eat and have fun, what has formed their identity over the ages and what makes them who they are today.

Private trips with us mean that you will have your own driver to take you to all of the places you are scheduled to be. Rad-Festa works with the best local guides to ensure that you never miss an interesting fact or nook whether in the modern cities or the ancient settlements. Your schedule, accommodation and transport will be chosen to meet your requirements and make you feel comfortable and safe during the entire time.


Package travels to Romania 

Our package travels in Romania get you the best prepaid hotel deals, so you can see even more interesting places than you imagine. We promise you won’t need to choose between your budget limits or your plans and you’ll get to do much more than you have initially hoped for. We will organise each and every stop of your vacation, so you can simply lay back and enjoy the ride. You can give us your specific requirements and we will do our best to meet all of them in the most efficient way.

Package holidays are an easy way to make use of the best deals while still travelling with a small group of your closest friends or your family members. We know that going on holiday with the people you feel most comfortable with makes the experience far more enjoyable. So, we enable you to do everything that large tourist groups do without the need to abide by a tight and exhausting schedule. With us, you get everything you want from your vacation but in a convenient and affordable way.


Check out our suggestions right below and decide what places you’d love to visit most. Plan your next vacation with Rad-Festa and enjoy a fun and comfortable way of travelling that shows you everything that’s worth seeing.



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