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Serbia holiday with Rad Festa 

Serbia is a Balkan country neighbouring several European union member states, including Croatia, Romania and Bulgaria but also with several EU non-members, among which are North Macedonia and Montenegro. The place connects Central and Eastern Europe, also serving as an important link between the Orient and the Old Continent. So, it’s unsurprising that it combines all of the charming peculiarities of the Balkans with a series of significant cultural and historical sites that easily match the magnificence of classical European architecture and style, which you will meet during your Serbia holiday with us.


Travelling with us, you will get to see:

  1. The cities and towns

  2. The nature and the history


There is however much more to our trips than we could fit on this list. Vacations with us highly exceed the average experience of being taken to see places and being told why they matter. Instead, we will let you decide what you are interested in visiting and doing and we will do our best to make it happen for you.


Private trips around Serbia 

We have various offers for private guided holidays for you and your friends. We allow you to travel together as a small group and be independent of large tourist groups with their exhausting schedule and their uniform experiences. Instead, you will stay together and keep your own pace that enables you to visit as many sites as you feel like visiting. This means that you will only do what you are actually interested in doing because you will be choosing a unique holiday that matches your preferences, your availability and your budget.

You can opt for the 7-day Serbia highlights tour that lets you dive into the culture of the place and get to know its history, traditions and crafts. If you feel like staying longer and taking in even more of the wonders of the country, you can pick the Classic tour that gives you 9 incredible days and shows you even more of the natural and historical sights. Browse our listings and choose the trip that is the most suitable and exciting for you.


Package travels around Serbia 

Rad-Festa allows you to tour the country on a package holiday that provides everything you need for your stay there. We specialise in organising prepaid vacations and partner with the best hotels and the friendliest and most knowledgeable guides, all of which will make your stay worthwhile. Our team will be happy to hear all about your holiday ideas and recommend tours and activities that best suit your group. The pricing depends on the hotel rank and the size of your group but whatever you choose, you will always find yourself in a charming, safe and comfortable hotel.

Transportation is also an important advantage of our package deals because it involves a personal driver to take you to all of the places on your agenda. Your Serbia holiday will be the trip of a lifetime because each day will be organised in a way to make you and your fellow-travellers feel good, well-rested and happy with everything you do and see.


You must be excited with all of these amazing Balkan experiences ahead of you. Let us show you what we have in mind when we talk about the beauty of this Balkan treasure.



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